About Us

Crush Skincare is honored to have an exclusive partnership with a 20 year old pharmaceutical grade skin care company. In 1997 this company designed the "Natural Botanical Skin Care System” and introduced an innovative skin care line at one of the largest skin care and beauty expositions in the world. After being named the "Most Innovative Products" and "Most Innovative Packaging” of the show, the company was ready to change the “Face of the World.”

Dr. Dean, the founder of this company and her team have formulated the high-quality skin care products with clinically proven pharmaceutical ingredients. The higher quality active ingredients formulated in greater percentages in these products have produced immediate and longer lasting results.

We are pleased to be working with Dr Dean and her team to bring Crush Skincare customers the best skin care products on the market. We look forward to seeing and hearing about your amazing results.

Thanks, CEO Josh Henderson

About Our Products

About Our Products

Our specialized skin care system uses only clinically proven pharmaceutical ingredients in order for you to have lasting results without fear of pollutants or irritants. These products have been tested on people from different ethnic background, different climates and different ages to insure that each product was free of irritants. All color and perfumes were eliminated to give you the assurance that your product is 98% allergy-free. You will see and feel immediate results when using all our daily basics along with our non-invasive face lift systems.

Our personal care and wellness products are equally created to be safe and effective or our name would not be on them.